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Abo Academy in Finland, Turku resort

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Abo Academy is a Swedish-language university in a Finnish city Turku. The university bears the name of the Royal Academy, which existed in Turku since 1640. After a fire in 1827, the academy was transferred to Helsingfors.

In 1817, after the annexation of the Grand Duchy Finnish to the Russian Empire, for the Royal Academy was built new building. Due to the large financial assistance of Alexander I, the Academy announced it as the second founder. There was a bust in the assembly hall of the Academy Emperor, in 1828 transferred to Helsingfors. In 1827 in Turku a large fire raged, in which, along with other buildings, the archive Royal Academy.

In 1918 the Swedish-speaking university in Turku was re-established established. It was given its historical name - Abo Academy. In the updated The Academy by 1919 had only two faculties - art history and faculty mathematics and natural sciences; in 1920-1921 sociological Faculty and Faculty of Chemical Engineering; in 1924 - theological faculty. In 1981, Abo Academy was nationalized.

Today the staff of the Academy includes 1127 people; the number of students studying here is about 7950, 600 of them are foreigners. There are branches-campuses of the university in Helsinki, Jakobstad, Vaasa, in Aland islands. Applicants - representatives of the Nordic countries without fail take an entrance test in Swedish, students from other countries can study in English.

Abo Academy occupies a leading position in eight directions: human rights, biotechnology, organic chemistry, computer sciences, natural sciences and polymers, information and structural biology, engineering sciences. Three Master's programs at the Academy are offered at English: business via electronic and mobile communications, laws international law and engineering chemistry. There are interuniversity joint programs, in particular on biotechnology, continuing education, computer science, etc.

The number of faculties has increased significantly over time. The Faculty of Humanities appeared here; mathematics and natural sciences; mathematics and physical chemistry; economic and social sciences; technological faculty located in the unique building"Axelia"; theological, renewed in 1924 and engaged in serious research work; educational; social sciences; legal institute; Donner Institute - a private organization for research on religion and cultural history. Big The library of the Abo Academy, created in 1918 as large private collection of Swedish-language literature mainstreams scientific knowledge.

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Topic: Abo Academy in Finland, Turku resort.Abo Academy in Finland, Turku resort

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