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Shopping area in Finland, Turku resort

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Trade Square - the main square of Turku, located in city center, from the south it is bounded by Erikinkatu street, from the north - Juliopistonkatu, from to the east - Kauppiaskatu, and from the west - Aurakatu.

The general plan of the city of Turku was developed in 1828 Karl Ludwig Engel, and according to him, the city provided construction of eight areas - multifunctional structures. Only part this plan was implemented. The sales area in the plan represents square. The project envisaged that the city hall would be moved here, but an Orthodox church was built instead.

In 1837-1838. in the southwestern part of the square was built Swedish theater. Thus, the church and the theater determined the nature of the buildings and area in general. To the left of the Orthodox church in 1876-1877. was built hotel"Phoenix", which became a university building at the end of the 19th century. A school was built to the right of the temple. In 1959, both buildings were demolished. On the new buildings were built in their place. The integrity of the architectural composition of the square violated   due to the fact that one the building turned out to be taller than the other.

In the northeastern part of the Market Square in 1890 a large residential building with shops was built to the project of K.V. Reinus. House facade was created in the lush neo-Renaissance style of the late 19th century. The house was demolished in 1960 year, several new buildings appeared in its place, including a department store Wiklund.

A restaurant was originally built in the south-eastern part of the square. The building was reconstructed   in 1903-1904 biennium in the style of national romanticism. However, in 1977 the building was demolished.

Since the first quarter of the XX century, the city of Turku has become projects for the development of the Market Square appear. Most of them were not used and implemented. Most significant improvement action The marketplace is the work to create the Hansa Quarter. Residential quarter on the southwest of the square was renovated and transformed into a multifunctional structure in the 1980s. Trade corridors were built linking the courtyards. They house more than 150 stores. In 1991, next to the Orthodox the building of the Sampo-Torinkulma concern was built by the church.

In the morning on weekdays at the Market Square trade: products of light industry, agriculture, flowers. IN concerts are held here on weekends and holidays.

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Topic: Shopping area in Finland, Turku resort.Shopping area in Finland, Turku resort

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