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Harwood House in Leeds Resort UK

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ImageHarwood House is a monumental classicist palace of the Harwood family. Located in the vicinity of Leeds. This palace is listed as a Historic Building and Architectural Heritage of Great Britain. Harwood House was designed between 1759 and 1771. architects Robert Adam and John Carr. The Earls of Harwoods were engaged in the slave trade in the West Indies, on which they amassed a huge fortune. They spared no expense in furnishing and decorating a new home. The garden was designed by Charles Brown, who created the Great Terrace, and the famous landscape designer Lancelot Brown. The furniture for the mansion was made by Thomas Chippendale. The palace is still the residence of the Earls of Harwood, it is owned by the 7th Earl of Harwood - the grandson of King George V and cousin of Elizabeth II, but, despite this, is open to the public. The mansion has always attracted the attention of connoisseurs and connoisseurs of architecture. In addition to the building itself and the magnificent park surrounding it, tourists are always advised to visit the Himalayan Garden, where the Buddhist stupa is located. Among other things, the Bird Garden is of particular interest, where more than 90 species of birds live, not only British, but also exotic (Chilean flamingo, Humboldt penguin, Javanese sparrow, ostrich, macao parrot, snow goose and others). Many species are on the verge of extinction, and the Bird Garden, a member of the Zoo Association of Great Britain and Ireland, is making possible efforts to conserve them. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Harwood House in Leeds Resort UK.Harwood House in Leeds Resort UK

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