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Djurdjevic Bridge in Montenegro

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In the canyon of the Tara River, in addition to natural attractions, the eye will be attracted by the miracle of human technical thought - the Djurdjevic Bridge, which is the highest road bridge in all of Europe (it is raised 160 m above the river). The bridge is 366 meters long and is made of concrete. The bridge was erected back in 1940 by an engineer named Lazar Yaukovich.   During World War II, he also had to blow up his creation, for which he paid with his life. However, the bridge was blown up without damaging the pillars, so after the war it was quickly restored.

The Djurdzhevich bridge got its name from the name of the owner of the farm near the bridge. The bridge connects the two banks of the Tara River: coastal Montenegro and its mountainous regions.

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Topic: Djurdjevic Bridge in Montenegro.Djurdjevic Bridge in Montenegro

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