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Burghausen Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Burghausen Castle – Bavarian castle, located in the city of the same name, near the German-Austrian border. It is considered the longest castle complex in Europe – stretches for 1043 km parallel to a narrow mountain range.

Castle Hill has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Archaeological excavations carried out here have found traces of Roman and Celtic settlements. In particular, coins of the emperors Marcus Aurelius and Constantine were found. This, according to scientists, confirms that Burghausen was part of the Roman province of Noric. This settlement lived by trading salt with neighboring villages.

The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1025. Then it belonged to the family of Count Burghausen Gebhard II. After his death, in 1168, the castle became the property of the Wittelsbach family. Otton Wittelsbach, the first Duke of Bavaria, made significant efforts to expand the castle in 1180.

In 1255, Bavaria was divided into Lower and Upper. Burghausen Castle became the second residence of the dukes of lower Bavaria after Landshut. From K. XIV to the beginning. XVI buildings were expanded and began to occupy the territory along the entire castle hill.

From the middle of the 15th century, the castle became a residence for widows and wives of dukes: Margaret of Austria, expelled by her husband Henry XVI, became the first among them. Most of the ducal treasury was also kept here. Here in 1447 the prisoner of Henry XVI Ludwig VII died.

Construction works, which lasted almost from the very foundation of the castle, were completed under the Bavarian Duke George. Burghausen became the most fortified and safest fortress in the region. But the heirs of the duke after his death lost the rights to own the castle, in connection with Otto Heinrich, George's grandson, had to found another castle for himself. It became the Neuburg Castle.

Burghausen Castle was modernized when the threat from the Ottoman Empire arose. During the Thirty Years War, the Swedish Field Marshal Gustav Horn was imprisoned in the castle.

In 1779, after the Treaty of Teschen was concluded, Burghausen Castle became a border castle. Several decades later, during the Napoleonic wars, the castle was badly damaged. It was restored in 1896, in 1960, restoration work was carried out again, but they were larger. Today the castle complex houses a museum.

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Topic: Burghausen Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Burghausen Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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