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Belvoir Castle (Beaver Castle) in the UK

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ImageBeaver Castle is a neo-Gothic mansion located in Leicestershire. Currently, it is a real embodiment of harmony and beauty, but some time ago a real medieval castle stood on the site of this mansion. Its history began during the beginning of the reign of William the Conqueror. These lands were granted by William to the standard-bearer Robert de Todeny, who built a small wooden fortress on this site. A little later, instead of the fortress, they erected a bastion, walls and a rectangular donjon - already made of stone. In 1247, the castle passed into the hands of the de Ros family. After several centuries, they actively participated in the War of the White and Scarlet Rose, because of which Beaver Castle was almost completely destroyed. Then he passed into the possession of Robert Manners, who abandoned the idea of restoring the old buildings and chose to build a new castle. The new fortress was completed by 1555. She was an example of the architectural style of the Tudor times - instead of thick walls and narrow loopholes, luxury and comfort began to take center stage. However, the castle did not stay in this form for long - in the 17th century the civil war began, and because of the long siege in 1654, the castle was badly damaged. They also decided not to restore it, rebuilding it anew, and in 1668 Belvoir became what it can be seen today. The walls of the mansion are painted cream and orange, and the facade and roof are decorated with stone battlements and small decorative turrets. Inside the castle, you can feel the atmosphere of wealth and luxury. The walls and ceilings here are decorated with ancient tapestries, beautiful paintings and other decorative elements. In Beaver Castle you can see the royal apartments, the Banquet Hall, the Elizabethan Salon, the Chinese Bedroom, the Ballroom, the Security Room, the cellars and many other areas of interest to tourists. Particular attention should be paid to the Ulan Regiment Museum. If you get tired of exploring the castle, you can take a walk in the park laid out around the mansion - a large number of plants grow here, as well as fountains, manicured flower beds and sculptures.

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Topic: Belvoir Castle (Beaver Castle) in the UK.Belvoir Castle (Beaver Castle) in the UK

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