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Sammallahdenmaki in Finland

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ImageSammallahdenmaki - ancient burial places, necropolis of the Bronze Age. Located in Finland, municipality of Lappi. In 1999, the necropolis was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This necropolis is one of the most important monuments of the Bronze Age. The necropolis is formed by 36 granite burial stones, tombstones dating from 1500 to 500 BC. e. The tombstones represent unique evidence of burial customs and religious structures in Northern Europe three thousand years ago. The necropolis is located on a hill near the road between Rauma and Tampere. Initially, it was located on the coast of the botanical bay, but over time, the land rose, now its location has moved 15 kilometers from the sea. The first four tombstones were discovered by archaeologist Voltaire Hogmann in 1891. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Sammallahdenmaki in Finland.Sammallahdenmaki in Finland

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