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Wood processing factory in Verla, Finland

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ImageThe Verla wood processing factory is the main attraction of a small industrial village in southern Finland. The village is part of the Kouvola city municipality. The wood processing factory was built in 1872 by the Finnish engineer Hugo Neumann. The woodworking used water from a nearby river. The water passed through a large wheel, which triggered a mechanism that stripped bark from the logs. In 1876, there was a major fire that destroyed the factory. Soon after the fire, the factory was rebuilt in accordance with the project of the German-born architect from Vyborg Eduard Dippel. The complex of buildings of the factory includes the patron's house, a red brick factory building, a polishing and drying shop, a pavilion for pins, a fire shed, and a light brick mill warehouse. Due to this expansion, the factory was able to produce cardboard. The factory produced white cardboard of various thicknesses. The cardboard was exported to Russia, European countries and South America. The factory produced 2000 tons of cardboard per year. A modern paper mill produces so much cardboard per day. The products of the factory were purchased by workshops for the production of packaging materials and cardboard-binding workshops. Cheese cartons, shooting targets, shoe boxes, pasta packs, shoe insoles, various cases and boxes, cigarette packs and much more were made from cardboard produced at the Verl factory. Since 1922, the wood processing factory has been owned by the Kymi Joint Stock Company. It was closed in 1964, and in 1972 the country's first industrial museum was opened here. In 1996, the Werl wood processing factory was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ensemble of factory buildings has been preserved in its original form. The atmosphere of an industrial village is created here. The exposition of the factory tells about the origin of the Finnish forest industry. In the building of the former stable, there are shops and workshops in the summer months. Among other things, the Verla factory is famous for the fact that a few meters to the north of it, on a cliff, there are ancient cave paintings of the Finnish people. They are over 6,000 years old. Image

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Topic: Wood processing factory in Verla, Finland.Wood processing factory in Verla, Finland

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