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Hadley Castle in the UK

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ImageNow only ruins remain of the once important fortress, and then the real royal castle of Hadley. In those days, it was located very well - from it it was convenient to defend London from the Thames. Then the castle became the property of monarchs and the residence of the wives of the ruling kings. In the 13th century, the land near Hadley was in the possession of Hubert de Bourg, the close minister of John Bezzmelny, who was the supreme judge under the king. However, despite his high position, John did not issue him a license to build a fortified castle. When King John died, Henry III was still too young, and Hubert de Burgh actually ruled the country for 12 years. When Heinrich grew up, Hubert finally received permission to build a castle. Soon, Henry III confiscated the castle, the construction of which had just begun, and, realizing the importance of Hadley's strategic position, continued construction. Initially, Hadley was an oval courtyard surrounded by a fortified wall. In the northern and southern sections of the wall there were D-shaped towers, which were characteristic of the military architecture of those times. Later, internal buildings began to appear along the walls of the castle, and Edward III added two round towers and a barbican at the northern entrance to the corners of the eastern wall. The castle belonged to the Crown for a long time, but it was constantly leased to dukes, earls and other noble nobles. For some time, three queens, who were the wives of Henry VIII, lived here in turn. In 1551, Edward VI transferred the castle to the Lords of Rich. However, these owners paid little attention to Hadley, so that in the 17th century he already had a very deplorable appearance. The best preserved are massive round towers, one of which is even three stories high and old rectangular narrow windows. But the second tower is worse preserved - only two floors remain of it. In addition to the towers, you can see the foundation of the Great Hall and parts of the fortress wall.

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Topic: Hadley Castle in the UK.Hadley Castle in the UK

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