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Temple of Friendship in Austria, Potsdam spa

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The Temple of Friendship is a round pavilion that is part of the Sanssouci palace and park ensemble. It is located at the western end of the park, next to the main alley. The architect Karl von Gontard perfectly fulfilled the order of King Frederick II, who wanted to create a memorial building near the New Palace, reminiscent of the king's sister Margrave Wilhelmina, who died in 1757.

Rotunda of the Temple of Friendship – this is a pandan (architectural pair) to another temple – Antique, which is located slightly to the north. The building of the Temple of Apollo in the city of Neuruppin, erected back in 1735, was used as a model for the construction of the Temple of Friendship.

At first the building was an open rotunda, but later, in 1791 the gaps between the columns were laid. The convex roof was supported by eight paired columns, the model for the construction was an antique monopter. On the back wall was created a statue of Wilhelmina of Prussia herself, in whose honor a temple was built. The sculptural image was a man's height and was made of white marble.

The statue was modeled on the portrait of the Margrave, which was painted by the court painter Antoine Peng. Wilhelmina holds a book in her hand, which symbolizes her love for history and art in general.


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Topic: Temple of Friendship in Austria, Potsdam spa.Temple of Friendship in Austria, Potsdam spa

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