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Burg Fortress (Graz Castle) in Austria, Graz resort

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Burg Fortress is also called Graz Castle or City Castle. The castle is located northeast of Hauptplatz. It is currently the seat of the Styrian government.

The castle was built in 1438-1453 for Emperor Frederick III. However, the emperor did not wait for the completion of construction and died. The castle passed to his son Charles II. During the XVI-XVII centuries, the Burg fortress was expanded and additionally fortified with a bastion. In the 18th century, the imperial family left the castle and it passed into the possession of local officials. The fortification loses its defensive purpose and turns into an ordinary state institution. In this regard, many elements of the fortress associated with defense and weapons were lost, and only a few interior rooms and a spiral staircase remain from the original Gothic castle. During the Second World War, during the bombing, the castle was almost completely destroyed, but later partially restored. The last works on the restoration of the facade and major repairs were carried out in the 2000s. Today the Austrian government is deciding the issue of restoring the chapel of the castle.  

The main attraction of the castle, for which tourists come here, are the double spiral staircase, built in 1499 during the reign of Maximilian I and the courtyard with the famous Sturian Honor Gallery.     & nbsp;  


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Topic: Burg Fortress (Graz Castle) in Austria, Graz resort.Burg Fortress (Graz Castle) in Austria, Graz resort

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