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Vesikko submarine in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Vesikko submarine - Finnish submarine with a displacement of more than 250 tons, created in the 1930s. Was in the composition naval forces of Finland during the Second World War.

The submarine was designed in The Hague small a Dutch company established after the First World War. Boat named CV-707, was built in Turku, Finland in 1933. In the future, she became prototype for German Type II submarines. In 1933-1934. boat tested by the German military. In 1936, the boat was bought by the Finnish troops and renamed Vesikko.

Vesikko submarine took part in the Soviet-Finnish war 1939-1940 Along with other boats, she patrolled the Gulf of Finland. IN December 1939, the boat made two attempts to attack the cruiser Kirov and battleship Marat damaged by Finnish coastal batteries. During the Second World War During the war Vesikko patrolled the Baltic. But the western part of the Gulf of Finland was heavily mined, in connection with which the ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet were locked in their ports, and the submarine was unable to attack. However, in July 1941, a torpedo attack on the merchant ship Vyborg was carried out. After that, the Vesikko submarine was mainly used as part of escorts.
Parisian the peace treaty between the USSR and Finland, concluded in 1947, stipulated that Finland could not have its own submarines. Therefore Vesikko remained for a long time abandoned in Suomenlinna. Soon the Finnish government has decided to sell the boat to anyone who wants to buy it. The former crew of the submarine decided to restore and rescue Vesikko. Since 1973 the boat is part of the War Museum of Finland, and since 2010 it has been on island of Suomenlinna. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Vesikko submarine in Finland, Helsinki resort.Vesikko submarine in Finland, Helsinki resort

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