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Helsinki Music House in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Helsinki Music House is a musical cultural center, opened in Helsinki in 2011. Located on Toolo Bay.

The House of Music was built in 12 years, the project was funded by the city of Helsinki, the Finnish national TV and radio company Yleisradio Oy and a property management company under the Ministry of Finance Senaatti-kiinteistot. Construction funds were also donated Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Sibelius Academy.

Originally a project of the House of Music, the total cost of which amounted to 200 million dollars, was criticized. It was said that such significant funds will be spent on elite art designed not for all categories of citizens. Others protested against the disharmony in architecture of the House of Music and the Senate building. Also, the argument was the historical value of the stables, which needed demolish to build a new building on this site. However, the building was still built, moreover, the acoustic systems of the new House of Music were created the famous Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.

The Helsinki Music House has five halls - one Great Hall on 1,700 seats and four small halls for chamber music, for musical experiments, jazz and folk music, for modern dance   and an organ hall with four bodies. Performances can also take place in the lower part of the foyer. Besides, there is a conference room and classrooms of the Academy. Sibelius.
Today The Helsinki Music House is a very popular concert venue open to all hall and meeting place. The activities of this organization are aimed at increasing the importance of music, strengthening Finnish innovations in this kind art, maintaining the national flavor. For visitors of all ages the House of Music offers various musical experiences and, in addition, the possibilities for teaching music. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Helsinki Music House in Finland, Helsinki resort.Helsinki Music House in Finland, Helsinki resort

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