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Alexandrovsky Theater in Finland, Helsinki resort

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The Alexandrovsky Theater is one of the oldest theaters in Finland. Located in the city of Helsinki near Hietalahti Square and the Museum Sinebryukhova. Everyone celebrates the unique atmosphere of the old imperial theater. Its history is connected with significant names of Finnish and Russian artists: F. Chaliapin, M. Savina, V. Davydov, M. Gorky, P. Gaideburov, K. Varlamov, R. Apollonsky, Yu. Yuriev and others.

The Alexandrovsky Theater is the best suited for reception teams from other countries, there is all the necessary technical equipment for various concerts, dance and theatrical performances. Private events are also held here.

The theater, opened in 1880, was built on the initiative of Nikolai Adlerberg, Governor-General of Finland, and named after the Emperor Alexander II, who donated a significant amount for the construction. Theater was opened by the opera Faust by Charles Francois Gounod, performed by the Italian opera troupe. Initially, the theatrical repertoire consisted of opera performances, and with 1882 drama performances, operetta, ballet and variety performances.  

In 1919-1993. in the building of the Alexander Theater there was Finnish National Opera and Ballet. In 1993 the opera moved to a separate building, and the Alexandrovsky Theater again became a tour. Today in Alexandrovsky theater you can see performances of various genres: opera, drama, ballet, musical, dance performances, concerts of classical and modern music. On tour to the theater teams from different countries come. Alexandrovsky theater over time became a representative of world art, accepting only the best teams. Troupes from Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Scandinavian countries, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. His the theater does not have its own troupe.

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