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Angel of the North in Great Britain

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ImageThe Angel of the North is a contemporary sculpture by the hand of Antony Gormley. You can see this unusual creation in the English city of Gayshead. The sculptor erected his Angel from steel, the figure is 20 meters high, and the angel's wings extend to the sides for 54 meters. At the same time, due to the slight tilt of the wings forward, there is a feeling that they embrace the whole world around. The sculpture is located on a hill, so you can see it from afar, especially from the A1 and A167 motorways. It is admittedly the largest sculptural image of an angel in the entire world. Characteristically, at a smaller size, the sculpture weighs more than the American Statue of Liberty - 208 tons. Such a large weight is not accidental and is due to the location of the structure. It had to be heavy enough not to be blown away by strong winds. Therefore, one concrete foundation of the sculpture dug into the ground has a weight of 165 tons. The project of this sculpture was being prepared for a very long time, since 1994. The National Lottery volunteered to pay for its considerable cost (about a million pounds sterling). By 1998, the statue was ready. At first, the unusual image of the Angel caused controversy and conflicting opinions, but then it firmly became one of the important landmarks of Britain. It is sometimes referred to as the"Gateshead Lighthouse". ImageImageImage

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Topic: Angel of the North in Great Britain.Angel of the North in Great Britain

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