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Victoria Monument in Great Britain, London resort

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When visiting Buckingham Palace, it is impossible not to notice the magnificent monument dedicated to Queen Victoria. More than two thousand tons of marble were used in the construction of the monument to the ruler who ruled the longest in the most famous palace in Great Britain.

The monument was built as part of the architectural complex erected by Aston Webb for Edward VII. The king wanted to leave a weighty reminder to the descendants of the great merits of his mother. Queen Victoria has really done a lot for her country. The ruler from the Hanoverian dynasty held the throne for more than 60 years. At this time, Britain flourished - there was a great development of industrial production, railways, the first metro station in the world, and the first buses appeared. England was known as a leading maritime power, scientists made important discoveries. It is not surprising that the deeds of the queen, during whose reign there were so many distinctive events, were decided to be captured in stone. Namely, in bronze, chalk marble and leaf gilding.

The architectural structure has a thoughtful composition. In its center is a statue of Victoria, whose face is directed northeast towards Mall Street. The pedestal has four facets, they are decorated with a bronze Angel of Truth, looking in the southeast direction, the Angel of Justice, turned northwest towards Green Park, and the Angel of Mercy, contemplating Buckingham Palace. The composition is crowned with a statue symbolically depicting Victory, two more figures are sitting at its feet.

Since the task of the sculptor was to portray the power of Great Britain as a sea power, in the monument, you can trace marine motives. Here and there mermaids, mermaids and hippogriffs look out. The sculptor left bronze lions to guard the queen's peace, surrounding the monument from all sides. One of them was brought to the United Kingdom from New Zealand as a gift.

In addition, the monument is decorated with bronze groups symbolizing Peace and Progress (east side of the monument) and agriculture (west side). In total, there are several dozen figures concealing an allegorical meaning on the structure.

The people call the Victoria monument a “wedding cake”, as it was erected in the form of tiers.

It is worth noting that the monument Victoria is not one of a kind. There is also a memorial to Prince Albert, which is located near the Albert Hall.

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Topic: Victoria Monument in Great Britain, London resort.Victoria Monument in Great Britain, London resort

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