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International Congress Center Berlin in Austria, Berlin Spa

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International Congress Center Berlin – a large complex where exhibitions, conferences, concerts, theater performances and various festivals are held. The congress center is located in Charlottenburg, Berlin. The Congress Center opened in 1979 and is considered one of the largest such complexes in the world. Serves as a model for the construction of other similar structures.

The structure, reaching a length of 320 meters, in width – 80 meters high – 40 meters, contains about 80 rooms and halls of different sizes. All of them are provided with modern technology. The main hall is equipped with a stage with an area of 760 sq.m. The congress center is directly connected to the Messe Berlin exhibition grounds by a bridge, which allows for extensive joint events.

The International Congress Center usually hosts the opening ceremonies of the International Tourism Exchange, International Green Week, etc.

The uninterrupted operation of the congress center is ensured by the fact that its own diesel generator of electricity, if necessary, can supply all buildings with electricity, regardless of the Berlin power grid.

A huge garage with several floors adjoins the congress center building. police station. There is a beautiful green garden on the roof of the garage, which sometimes hosts various events. About 500 events are held annually at the International Congress Center, which are attended by 220 thousand people, half of which – foreign guests.

Immediately after the opening, in front of the main entrance to the congress center, a bronze sculpture, 6.6 meters high, “Alexander the Great enters the captured city of Ecbatana” was erected; works of the French master Jean-Robert Ipustegui. After a while, the concrete foundation of the monument began to be exposed to the destructive effects of wind and water, so in 2005 it was moved to one of the halls of the congress center.


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Topic: International Congress Center Berlin in Austria, Berlin Spa.International Congress Center Berlin in Austria, Berlin Spa

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