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Tower Bridge in the UK, London resort

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Tower Bridge listed in list of must-see attractions in London. Have every tourist who visited foggy Albion has photos with this unique structure.

Bridge, which became the symbol of the city, adorned the Thames at the end of the 19th century. His appearance was due to the need to create transport communication with the eastern part of the city. At the time, the East End Port area became very popular with pedestrians. and horse-drawn carriages. Trade interaction between urban areas required solutions to the transport problem. The standard static bridge to build here was not possible due to ship traffic. As a result, the project won in the announced competition bridge, which was partly suspended, partly movable.

By Horace Jones became the project. According to his idea, the bridge was supposed to rest on towers, the height of which was 65 meters. For a drawbridge, this structure it is located very low, which is also its feature. total length Tower Bridge was 224 meters long. The bridge span is divided into two lifting parts that can be lifted on request ships in less than a minute. Initially the opening of the bridge was carried out through the hydraulic system, modern technologies raise the bridge using electricity.

The construction of the new bridge lasted 8 years, after which its grand opening was held with the participation of Prince Edward of Wales and Princess Alexandra. More than a million was spent on the construction of the bridge pounds. Only some towers and pedestrian galleries had use about 11 thousand tons of steel. The metal was faced with a gray stone that gave the Taurian bridge a gothic look. By the way, the building got this name due to its proximity to the Tower itself.

To climb the bridge, you can use the stairs, leading to the pedestrian galleries. They connect support towers at 44 meters and do not interfere with the opening of the bridge. Since the 80s of the last century galleries used as an observation deck. It offers views of other city sights, including the Tower, London Bridge, museum ship Belfast, as well as the docks of St.Catherine, where fashionable yachts.

In the pedestrian galleries there is a museum exposition, which presents projects, drawings, paintings and antique mechanisms used to spread the wings of the bridge.

View the spectacular show of the Tower Bridge spreading please refer to the special schedule. The point is that ships can go under the bridge only according to a pre-drawn plan. Such a plan is posted on the attraction site.

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Topic: Tower Bridge in the UK, London resort.Tower Bridge in the UK, London resort

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