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Millennium Bridge (Gateshead) UK

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ImageThe Millennium Bridge, or Millennium Bridge, is one of the most unusual structures in modern England. It is located in the town of Gateshead in Northern England and connects the banks of the River Tyne. It is the world's first bridge that can be moved and tilted depending on the situation. The design of this unusual bridge was born of the creative imagination of architects Wilkinson and Eyre, who took part in a 1996 competition announced by the City Council of Gateshead. The snow-white steel structure was made piece by piece at the Bolton plant, assembled at the mouth of the Tyne River, and then transported to the city on a special flood crane. Even during transportation, the large-scale structure (126 meters long) had to be turned from time to time, since the width of the river is very small. The bridge was opened just at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2001. The main problem that the architects had to solve was how to make a bridge that would allow pedestrians and cyclists to move around, but also would not interfere with large ships passing along the river. The authors solved this problem in a very non-standard way. The bridge is made up of two metal arches located on the same axis and resembling the eyelids of the eye. One is high (50 meters) above the water, the second is usually horizontal and equipped with steps for pedestrians and a path for cyclists. The arches are connected by parallel slats. This structure, when stationary, allows only small vessels to sail on it. When a large ship approaches the bridge, the bridge turns into a place for a real theatrical performance, which gathers an impressive crowd of curious people. The bridge is closed to pedestrians, and the arches of the bridge are in motion. The"pedestrian arch" rises up by 40 °, while the opposite arch, which serves as a counterweight, goes down, also by 40 °. This turn opens up much more space under the bridge and a large ship can pass. After that, the bridge returns to its previous position. Such an operation is performed about two hundred times a year. Many say that when turning, the bridge looks like an eye that winks. The Millennium Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. He completely transformed the look of the city, giving it a modern, spectacular look. And at night, when the lights are on on the bridge, it especially attracts attention and looks almost fantastic.

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Topic: Millennium Bridge (Gateshead) UK.Millennium Bridge (Gateshead) UK

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