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Asparuhov bridge in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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After the construction of the port `` Varna Zapadnaya '' it became necessary to lead the most convenient waterway to it. Canal `` sea-lake '' would not cope with the expected flow of ships, in connection with which the question arose about creating a new wider channel. This posed a new challenge – it was necessary to organize a conflict-free movement of ships with the city's transport and communication system through the future channel. As a result, Varna was connected with the Black Sea highway. and the region of Asparuhovo.

In 1967, a competition was held in which many options were proposed – a drawbridge, a tunnel under a canal, a ferry, etc. After lengthy meetings, a decision was made to build a high overpass bridge, which was started in 1973.

The main bridge structure consists of two overpass reinforced concrete parts and a central steel structure, as well as two complex traffic interchanges at both ends of the bridge. Separate supporting structures were used for each direction of traffic.

By order of the government, the construction of the bridge was supposed to be completed by the end of September 1976, but the bridge was completed earlier. For 20 years, no maintenance work has been carried out on the bridge. In 1996, reconstruction began here, which was delayed due to a lack of funds. By 1999, the bridge was completely renovated.

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Topic: Asparuhov bridge in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Asparuhov bridge in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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