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Linnoitus Fortress in Finland, Lappeenranta resort

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Linnoitus Fortress - a fortress founded in the middle of the 17th century to strengthen the eastern borders of Sweden. This small town was first named Wilmanstrand, which translates as “wild man's shore”. At the end of the Northern War, a small fortress was surrounded by earthworks, a bulk rampart. A strong southern gate was also erected. So a small fortress with a population of just over 300 people became an important border point and changed its name to Linnoitus.

However, in 1741-1743. a war broke out with Russia, during which the fortress city was destroyed with all its inhabitants. Linnoitus became a provincial Russian town where Suvorov lived for some time, overseeing the construction of garrison structures in the fortress. In 1803, Emperor Alexander I came to the city, and in 1885 and 1891. - Alexander III.

Linnoitus Fortress was used in different ways at different times. In particular, in 1819-1881. it housed a prison for women convicted of infanticide. Here they were equipped with workplaces for weaving looms. The women's prison was soon transferred to another place, and convicted men were kept in the fortress until 1881. After the civil war, the"red" Finns were held here. Executions were carried out on the northern walls of the fortress; a memorial sign is installed here in memory of those executed. Over time, the fortress fell into decay and was abandoned. In the middle of the 20th century, a large-scale reconstruction of the city was carried out, during which the fortress was dismantled. However, in some of the surviving buildings, restoration was carried out and some departments of the Lappeenranta museum complex are located within their walls.

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Topic: Linnoitus Fortress in Finland, Lappeenranta resort.Linnoitus Fortress in Finland, Lappeenranta resort

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