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Pulau Penyengat in Indonesia

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Pulau Penyengat - a small village located in the south of the Indonesian island of Bintan. All the uniqueness of Pulau Peniengat lies in the fact that at the beginning of the 19th century here was the capital of the entire Malay Empire. In a short period of time a small settlement turned into a luxurious city with many palaces and temples, in addition, Pulau Penyengat was the seat of the Sultan of Riau himself.

The capital is not destined had existed for more than half a century: after learning about the intentions of the Dutch capture the city and appropriate all of its wealth, the Sultan ordered to equalize with land every single building of Pulau Penyengat, which was soon done. The destruction was carried out so thoroughly that only Royal Mausoleum, one or two small palaces and the famous mosque, erected in 1818. Despite its very short history, the mosque even then was reputed to be a legendary building: there were rumors that the building material seemed to would add egg white. The goal pursued by the builders using such a mysterious ingredient is still unclear, but since then the construction of the mosque began to grow more and more incredible details, which to date have accumulated a huge amount, and which are readily communicated to tourists by local residents.

Pulau Penyengat today - a village that occupies one small island and is one of the Bintan's most visited attractions. In addition to travelers, the former the imperial capital attracts many historians and archaeologists every year.

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Topic: Pulau Penyengat in Indonesia.Pulau Penyengat in Indonesia

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