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New castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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New lock – castle in Ingolstadt. Built for Duke Ludwig VII the Bearded. The castle is the most important secular structure in the Gothic style in Bavaria. Nearby is the Old Castle, today called Herzogskasten.

Ludwig VII, who built the castle, in 1391-1415. lived at the court of his sister Queen Isabeau in France. There he became interested in books, and returning home to Germany, he ordered to build a castle in the French style in Ingolstadt. Thus, the city fortress was built, located in the east of the city wall and surrounded by a wide and deep moat. The tower of the fortress controlled the entire city. One of the city's four fortified gates was included in the castle. The gate was destroyed in 1879 and recently replaced. The outer walls form a rectangle, towers are located at different distances: on the western side – two tetrahedral, on the east – the five-sided tower, the fourth, the most imposing and powerful, stands separately. The Ducal Palace is distinguished by a high gable roof.

In the 15th century, under the dukes of the Wittelsbach family, new structures were built: a granary with a separate tower and the residence of the governor. The powerful bastions of the fortress have not survived to this day. The castle gate was built in 1580, the clock tower – in the 1950s.

The interior of the castle – vaulted. The large hall on the ground floor is decorated with columns, two of them - – octagonal – mesh vaults support, a central powerful column supports ribbed vaults. The window frames and door frames are richly decorated. In the chapel at the castle canvases of ancient masters are still kept, the walls of other rooms are painted with white plaster.

Over time, most of the buildings of the castle were rebuilt or destroyed. During the Second World War, the remaining buildings were badly damaged. A global restoration of the castle was carried out in the 1960s, after which the Museum of the Bavarian Army was placed there. Various events are also held here, in particular the Ingolst & auml; dter Herzogsfest, held every two years.

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Topic: New castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.New castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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