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Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Mespelbrunn Castle – a medieval castle located in the Bavarian city of Mespelburn, between Wurzburg and Frankfurt am Main. Built outside the city, in the valley of the Elsawa River and surrounded by the Spessart forest. It is one of the most visited water castles in Germany.

Previously, a residential building stood on the site of a modern castle. It belonged to the estate manager of Archbishop Johann II von Nassau of Mainz, Eamann Echter. In 1412, the Elector gave Echter a Place for Espelborn. Echter built an ordinary house near the pond without any fortifications. The Spessart forest was then wild, it hid from bandits and Hussites who destroyed the neighboring regions. The first owner's son, Hamann Echter, began to restore and strengthen his father's house in 1427. He fortified the walls, built a tower and dug a moat.

The following generations made efforts to convert the fortified manor into a Renaissance estate. Today's castle – the result of restoration and reconstruction work carried out in 1551-1569. Petrov Echter Mespelbrunn and his wife Gertrude Adelsheim.

The most famous member of the Echter family who lived here – Prince-Bishop of Wurzburg Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn, who founded the Hospital of Wurzburg in 1576 and the University of Wurzburg in 1583. The castle has survived from damage during various wars due to its remote location.

The main building of the castle rises on a square foundation in the eastern part of the pond. The castle is surrounded by two-storey houses on three sides. Towers are attached to them from the north-east and south-west. The towers are decorated with pediments. On the western side, the courtyard descends to the water, ending in framed transitions to the water. In the center of the courtyard, another tower rises, crowning the architectural composition.

The Ingelheim family, which now owns the castle, lives in the south wing. In 1957, a film set was set up here: scenes from the comedy Tavern in Spessart were filmed. based on the fairy tale by V. Hauf. An image of Mespelbrunn Castle can be found in the Fortresses and Castles series of postage stamps issued in the 1970s.

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Topic: Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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