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Villa Giulia in Italy, Sicily resort

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Villa Giulia is a city park located near the botanical garden. The park was founded at the initiative of Antonio La Groix, the magistrate, in 1777. The construction of the park was fully completed only a year later. In 1866 the park was enlarged. The author of the project was Nicolo Palma. Thus, the park became the first urban public park.

The entrance gate, decorated with Doric columns, was created in the neoclassical style. Other park gates are less presentable. In the central part of the villa, you can observe a twelve-sided fountain made in the form of a marble clock, each of the sides - – sundial. The fountain was created by Lorenzo Federici. The watch is on the shoulders of Atlanta, surrounded by many metal sculptures. Initially, the entire area of the park was intended for entertainment events. Next to the fountain there are deep semicircular niches used during performances.

Previously, there were four recreation areas in the park, currently only two of them have survived. Picturesque alleys of the park are decorated with various busts of famous people of Palermo.


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Topic: Villa Giulia in Italy, Sicily resort.Villa Giulia in Italy, Sicily resort

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