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Via Liberta in Italy, Sicily resort

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Via Liberta is one of the oldest city streets, along which you can see many historical sights. Here is the Mount of Pilgrims, offering stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. On the mountain there is also the Church of St. Rosalia, to which a serpentine road leads. According to legend, Rosalia led the life of a hermit on the mountain, and here she worked her miracles.

  Another interesting building on Liberta Street is the Chinese Villa, built for Ferdinando the First. The architect of the building was Marvulya, who also created a beautiful garden around it. In those days, the villa was considered one of the largest estates in Europe.

Next to the villa is the Favorita Park. Previously, the park was a hunting area. One of the parts of the park is Villa Nishemi, which today functions as the mayor's residence.

The popular Montello Beach, which becomes especially crowded on weekends, is located near the park.

Villa Trabia also deserves attention, which is one of the few aristocratic villas in the city open to tourists.


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Topic: Via Liberta in Italy, Sicily resort.Via Liberta in Italy, Sicily resort

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