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Villa Durazzo Pallavicini in Italy, Genoa resort

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Villa Durazzo Pallavicini is located on Via Pallavicini, not far from the railway station of the suburbs of Genoa – Pella. Today, the building houses the Archaeological Museum of Liguria. The main attraction of the villa, attracting tourists, is a beautiful park, decorated in the English style of the 19th century, with a botanical garden.

The villa was built for Clelia Durazzo Grimaldi in the 17th century. Clelia founded an excellent botanical garden here, and the park was founded by Ignazio Alessandro Pallavinici – nephew and heir to Clelia.

The park was laid out in the middle of the 19th century. The author of the project was Michele Canzio. Despite the fact that the park was created in a typical English style, he is quite theatrical – the park area was organized as a series of scenes creating a play with a prologue and acts. The various statues that adorn the park are an integral part of this 'performance'.

The park opened to the public in 1846 and almost immediately earned international recognition. In the first half of the 20th century, the park, together with the botanical garden, was donated to the inhabitants of Genoa. In 1972, the park and villa were under serious threat as a high-speed highway was being built nearby. In 1992, large-scale reconstruction works were carried out on the estate to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by H. Columbus.

There are two ponds in the park, many different sculptures and buildings, as well as the grotto, which is Dante's Purgatory. The botanical garden is home to rare plant species such as corn root, araucaria, palm, cedar and many exotic flowers.


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Topic: Villa Durazzo Pallavicini in Italy, Genoa resort.Villa Durazzo Pallavicini in Italy, Genoa resort

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