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Great Stechlin Lake in Germany

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Lake Bolshoy Stechlin is the largest and deepest lake in the North German lowland. Together with hundreds of other lakes, Bolshoi Stechlin forms the Stechlin-Ruppin Nature Park. The quality and purity of the lake water allows it to be used as drinking water.

For more than forty years, researchers have been observing the reservoir, on its shores there are three scientific institutes. The clean beaches of the lake coast attract vacationers and tourists.

The writer Theodor Fontane, who named one of his novels"Stechlin", gave glory to the waters and the surroundings of the lake. The novel, published in 1899, was filmed in 1975. One of the endemic fish found here is named after the writer.

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Topic: Great Stechlin Lake in Germany.Great Stechlin Lake in Germany

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