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Notre Dame de Loret in France, Paris resort

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The Church of the Virgin Mary of Loretana is one of the main monuments of French architecture of the 19th century.

The church is a kind of connecting link for the four streets of the 9th arrondissement of Paris ... This quarter began to be actively built up only in the 20s of the XIX century, and therefore the question arose about the construction of a Catholic church. At the initiative of the municipality, the church was to be dedicated to the Italian center of pilgrimage, the city of Loreto, so the main architectural style of the building had to correspond to Italian classicism.

The final design of the church combined neoclassicism and features of a classical Roman basilica ... Construction was carried out for 13 years – from 1823 to 1836.

In general terms, Notre Dame de Loret is a classical basilica, the entrance to which is preceded by a huge portico with a triangular pediment, on which the name of the Virgin Mary is carved. The disproportionality of the portico and the main part of the building is explained by the fact that the chief architect had the task not only to build a church, but also to close the intersecting streets with the building of the church.

The interior of the church is notable for its strictness, there are no unnecessary pretentious decorations, only a number of columns adorn several statues of the Virgin. Frescoes depicting biblical subjects can be seen under the ceiling.


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