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Saint-Eustache in France, Paris resort

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The Church of St. Eustathius is located in the 1st Parisian arrondissement opposite the Louvre.

This temple was built for almost two centuries from 1532 to 1730 -s.

Notre Dame de Paris was taken as a model for the design of the church building, in less than 40 years the northern chapels, the southern facade and the nave were erected.  

Until the final work, this church combined three leading architectural styles: late Gothic, Renaissance and French classicism.

Today Saint Estache is the venue for organ music festivals popular with the French. The new organ was assembled in the church in 1989, the tool has no analogues in the world – the number of pipes exceeds 8 thousand.


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Topic: Saint-Eustache in France, Paris resort.Saint-Eustache in France, Paris resort

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