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Madeleine Church in France, Paris resort

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The Church of St. Mary Magdalene is a perfectly preserved architectural monument of French classicism.

The history of the construction of the church goes back about a century, since France at the turn of the XVIII and The 19th century experienced both political and economic shocks, which forced the construction of many buildings to be postponed indefinitely.

The first stone of the church was laid back in the 1860s by Louis XV himself. The original plan of the architect involved the creation of a classical domed church, however, the first architect died a few years after the laying of the first stone, and the design of the church was revised.

It was decided that the Pantheon will be taken as the basis for the future church. Active construction continued until 1790. Then the question became not about the chosen style of construction, but about its purpose, two decades later, ideas were expressed about creating not a church, but a building of a railway station, which was to become a station between Paris and Saint-Germain. Napoleon, on the other hand, suggested in 1806 that the building be completed not as a church, but as another hall of fame for the French army.

In the end, after many decades of disagreements, it was decided to complete the church. and not something else. In 1837, the question of creating a station was raised again, but in 1842, the Madeleine Church was officially completed and consecrated by the bishop.

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Topic: Madeleine Church in France, Paris resort.Madeleine Church in France, Paris resort

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