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Notre Dame Cathedral in France, Paris resort

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One of the main buildings in France, the place where all French roads literally begin. It is here that a sign of the so-called zero kilometer is installed.

Construction of the Cathedral began in the XII century on the site of the first Christian church in France – St. Stephen's Church.

There are many versions of who initiated the construction of the Cathedral. It is officially believed that Notre Dame was founded during the reign of Louis VII.

Construction was carried out for several centuries, replacing a number of rulers and even more architects. Therefore, the style of the Cathedral cannot be called definite: there are elements of the Romanesque style and Gothic sophistication here. The final date for the completion of construction is considered to be 1345.

The history of the Cathedral has many events associated primarily with the main figures of the French state. During the Great Revolution, the greatest architectural monument was almost demolished, the inhabitants of France were forced to pay tax in order to avoid the terrible fate of the popularly beloved temple.

For more than 700 years, Notre Dame has been a storage place for one of the main shrines of Christianity – Jesus' crown of thorns.

Contrary to popular belief, the mysterious gargoyles and chimeras that adorn the facade of the cathedral did not appear there immediately, but only during the serious restoration work of the 18th century. But now they, along with the legendary facade and stained-glass windows are the trademark of the cathedral.

Today Notre Dame Cathedral is the second most visited after the Eiffel Tower   a landmark of Paris.

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Topic: Notre Dame Cathedral in France, Paris resort.Notre Dame Cathedral in France, Paris resort

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