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Saint-Denis Abbey in France, Paris resort

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One of the oldest abbeys in France.

The first mentions of Saint-Denis date back to 472, when the site of a former Roman settlement was built first basilica. The monastery was founded here only 150 years later, when the basilica was completed to the main church.

The first elements of Gothic began to appear during the completion of the monastery at the very beginning of the 12th century. In 1144, another church was built, which later became the first early Gothic structure in France.

Since the 13th century, by order of King Louis IX, all members of the royal family have been reburied in this abbey. as well as all the rulers of France. From that moment on, every king and member of the royal family was buried in the monastery church after death.

After the Great Revolution, the premises of Saint-Denis were plundered, and the bones of the kings were thrown into a nearby ditch. In 1814, the coffins were returned to the crypt of the church, and by 1820 the burials of noble persons continued.

In 2004, the tradition continued: the heart of the heir recognized by the monarchists was buried in the church French throne of Louis VII.

Today, visitors to the church are all who want to be near the tombs of almost all French kings.  


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Topic: Saint-Denis Abbey in France, Paris resort.Saint-Denis Abbey in France, Paris resort

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