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Bladenhorst Castle in Germany

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Bladenhorst Castle is located in the area of the same name   Castrop-Rauxel. The castle as a whole is a whole architectural complex. A moat filled with water has been dug around the walls to protect the borders, and the territory of the castle is surrounded by marshy, impassable places. The original appearance of the castle, unfortunately, is now lost, tourists have the opportunity to contemplate the version in the style of the Renaissance.

First references to this architectural structure date back to 1266. The von Blamhurst dynasty of knights lived here, and at the beginning of the 14th century the von Dungelin family was already the local owners. In 1338 the castle came under the command of the Counts of Cleves, although the former owners could have turned to his help in case of armed attacks.

Already at the end of the 15th century, this building came into possession Philip von Wyrmundt, who was fortunate enough to marry a representative of the Dulengen family. The Wyrmundts owned the castle for a long time. It was a representative of this genus, Philip II von Wyrmundt, who initiated the reconstruction of Bladenhorst in the Renaissance style, in which he remains to this day.

Then the Rombergs ruled the castle for a good two centuries. But up to the present day, Bladenhorst has constantly changed hands, resold, inherited and redirected. Since 2007, this place has been owned by a private person. This circumstance complicates excavations on the territory and attempts to reconstruct the original appearance of the castle.

The latter is also very difficult to establish, since it is in constant leapfrog owners, many drawings and documents were irretrievably lost. A truly ancient part of the castle that has survived is its gate. Inside the walls you can see the U-shaped main building, two former kitchens and two observation towers.

Special attention of the castle guests also attracts an impromptu park on its territory. There was also a chapel here, but it was lost in a fire in the 16th century.


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Topic: Bladenhorst Castle in Germany.Bladenhorst Castle in Germany

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