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Historic center of Graz in Austria, Graz spa

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The historic center of Graz is an excellent example of a harmonious mixture of artistic trends and architectural styles that have replaced each other since the Middle Ages and combine the cultural influence of neighboring areas (Mediterranean , Germany and so on).

The heart of the old town of Graz is the Hauptplatz square and the monumental town hall. There are many small stalls selling fast food on the square. The largest street in the historic city center, Herrengasse, originates from the square. This street contains buildings such as the Landhaus, which today houses the Styrian parliament. Next to the Landhaus is the building where the Arsenal is located. In the distant past, the Arsenal building was the largest weapons storage in the country, and now it houses a museum, which houses one of the largest collections of medieval weapons. Almost at the very end of the street there is a medieval parish church, the tower of which can be seen from afar.

There are also many interesting places on the secondary streets of the historic city center. For example, the Glockenspielplatz square, where the Glockenspiel is located, is a small clock tower with dancing figures. Not far from it is the mausoleum of Ferdinand II, created in 1614-1637. Near the mausoleum is the Cathedral, near which there is a monument to St. Agidius. Opposite the cathedral is the Burg Castle, where the Styrian government sits today.
Another square of the old city is the Carmeliter.

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Topic: Historic center of Graz in Austria, Graz spa.Historic center of Graz in Austria, Graz spa

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