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Arsenal in Austria, Graz spa

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The history of the arsenal dates back to the 15th century, when the Turks first attacked Graz. At that time, an arsenal was created for storing weapons. Weapons for 16 thousand soldiers were kept here in good condition. In 1749, Maria Theresa, with the permission of the Styrian military administration, due to its strategic importance, retained the arsenal, although all other similar buildings were abolished.

Currently, the arsenal is a museum, where exhibits from three centuries history. The building's gates date back to the early Baroque era and were designed by Giovanni Mamolo, overlooking the statues of Minerva and Mars. The four lower floors of the museum are separated by original wooden ceilings. In total, the museum contains a total of about 30 thousand exhibits, such as chain mail, armor, swords, helmets, pikes, maces, armor, muskets, arquebusses, pistols and other military uniforms and weapons. On the lowest floor of the building there is a vaulted cannon hall.

The arsenal contains a wide range of weapons created in 1642 and 1645 by Anton Solar, which dates back to the times of Turkish warriors. Of particular interest among tourists is the uniforms and weapons of ordinary cavalry and infantry soldiers of the 16th-17th centuries. Also in the collection you can see examples of officer's weapons, which are made and richly decorated in the workshops of Augsburg, Nuremberg and Innsbruck.


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Topic: Arsenal in Austria, Graz spa.Arsenal in Austria, Graz spa

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