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Eigen in Austria, Salzburg resort

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Aigen is a suburb of Salzburg, located 3 kilometers from the city. Many locals love to get out here, get some fresh air and relax.

The suburb of Aigen is famous for its church, which was originally built in the Gothic style, but was rebuilt in 1698 in the Baroque style, and in 1909 it was increased in size. There is also a magnificent palace with a park, which is the main attraction of this area.

The palace was built at the end of the 18th century and today is a private property, so visitors are not allowed inside. To the east of the palace, at the foot of Mount Gais, there is a park that you can visit and walk through at any time. The park was laid out in 1780 and was a simple landscape park that expanded over time. Today there is not only beautiful nature with secluded pavilions and grottoes, but also figuratively trimmed trees, well-groomed geometrically regular lawns. There are streams in the park, the water of which, according to local residents, has healing properties.


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Topic: Eigen in Austria, Salzburg resort.Eigen in Austria, Salzburg resort

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