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Schwerin Cathedral in Germany

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Schwerin Cathedral is a cathedral of the Lutheran order in the German city of Schwerin. The cathedral, built in the years 1260-1416, is a three-aisled basilica. Historians say that a Romanesque church, consecrated in 1228, was laid on the site of the modern cathedral in 1171. The main portal of the south nave remained from it. Schwerin Cathedral is one of the largest, built in the brick Gothic style. It is also considered the largest cathedral of the Hanseatic period in the Baltic.

The height of the tallest tower of the cathedral, built by 1892 according to the project of Georg Daniel, reaches 118 meters. The cathedral received its present appearance in the 1980s. Nearby are the Market Square and the artificial lake Pfaffenteich. In the cathedral there is a bronze epitation of the Duchess Helena,

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Topic: Schwerin Cathedral in Germany.Schwerin Cathedral in Germany

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