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Ulm Cathedral in Germany

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Ulm Cathedral is a Lutheran church founded in 1377. Construction began later, in 1392. By 1405, the main part of the cathedral was built and consecrated. However, further   construction has stopped. Due to miscalculations of the builders, the side naves could not withstand the heavy vaults. In the 1530s, the cathedral passed to the Lutherans, who resumed construction, which. however, it was soon suspended again due to financial problems. The cathedral was fully completed by 1890. During the bombing of World War II, the church was not damaged.

Ulm Cathedral is rightfully considered the tallest cathedral in the world: the bell tower's tent reaches a height of about 162 meters. For visitors, ascents to the very top of the cathedral on spiral stone stairs.

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Topic: Ulm Cathedral in Germany.Ulm Cathedral in Germany

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