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Bastakiya (Bastakiya) in the UAE, Dubai resort

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Bastakiya is one of the oldest historic districts in Dubai, located next to the Creek, which divides the city in two.

In the past in this the region was inhabited by enterprising Iranians and wealthy Persians. A fairly large number of houses and wind towers of the 18th century, made in the oriental style, have survived here.  

The old quarter was seriously damaged in the 80s of the 20th century, when the territory of Bastakia began to be cleared for construction business center. But the local authorities forbade the demolition of the quarter's buildings, and Bastakia was attributed to the national treasures of the state. Since then, restoration work and reconstruction of old buildings have been started, in order to further use them for tourism purposes.    

Most of the houses in the old area were built on red brick foundations, and the buildings themselves - from coral stones. For greater strength, palm sawdust was added to the clay solution, providing durability to the base of buildings. A special feature of the houses is that instead of air conditioners, they have wind towers that catch wind flows, which provide coolness in the room.  

Local guides try to conduct interesting excursions along the picturesque streets of the old district. Curious tourists can visit the art gallery and museum organized especially for them.

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Topic: Bastakiya (Bastakiya) in the UAE, Dubai resort.Bastakiya (Bastakiya) in the UAE, Dubai resort

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