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Stephansplatz in Austria, Vienna spa

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Stephansplatz is a square located in the historic center of Vienna. The square is the starting point for highways from Vienna.

St. Stephen's Cathedral is located on Stephansplatz. The history of the square is inextricably linked with the history of the cathedral. The cathedral was originally located outside the city. In the 13th century, the territory of the city was expanded, and buildings began to be built around the cathedral, which formed the square. It has been Vienna's central square since the 15th century. Until 1732, there was a cemetery here, at which there was a chapel of St. Magdalene, destroyed in 1781 by fire. It was connected to the underground chapel of St. Vergel, which was discovered in 1973 during the construction of the metro. The outlines of the underground chapel on the square are lined with mosaics, a little to the west of St. Stephen's Cathedral.    

In the 19th century, the square and areas adjacent to it were reconstructed (a number of buildings were demolished). The result of the reconstruction was the unification of Stephansplatz with the Stock im Eisen square.

During the bombing in 1945, the square was badly damaged. But later it was restored.

Stephansplatz square is a popular place in the city not only among tourists, but also among locals. The square is basically a pedestrian zone. In addition to St. Stephen's Cathedral and historical buildings, there are several cafes and shops on it, in the eastern part there is a parking lot for horse-drawn carriages, an underground parking lot. In 1990, a new building was built - the Haas house,

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Topic: Stephansplatz in Austria, Vienna spa.Stephansplatz in Austria, Vienna spa

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