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Juliet's house in Italy, Verona resort

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Juliet's House is one of the most popular tourist sites in Verona, identified with the home of the legendary heroine of the play Romeo and Juliet; William Shakespeare.

The house was built in the XIII century by a native of Dal Cappello. Nowadays, on the arch of the house leading to the courtyard, one can observe the preserved coat of arms of the family – marble hat. The building was sold in 1667 and has changed owners several times since then. In the XIX   century the house housed an inn.

In 1907, the completely dilapidated house was put up for auction by the owners. The house was soon bought by the municipality and converted into a museum dedicated to Shakespeare's play. In 1936, large-scale reconstruction works were carried out in the building, during which the facade was decorated with various elements that gave it a fabulous look. Also, the buildings included in the courtyard of the building and the courtyard itself were reconstructed. A board with lines from the play was placed on the wall of the house under the balcony. In 1972, a statue of Juliet was installed in the courtyard, made of bronze by the Viennese sculptor Nereo Constantini.

The interior of the house was decorated in the spirit of the Trecento era – the walls were decorated with frescoes from that period, the artistic ornaments of the walls and ceilings were made according to the models of the 14th century.

In 1997 the museum was opened to the general public. In its exposition, visitors were presented with photographs of scenes from the Cukor film, a number of paintings dedicated to the main characters, a collection of objects from the film `` Romeo and Juliet '' Zeffirelli.

The statue of Juliet is very popular among tourists, the touch of which is considered a good omen.

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Topic: Juliet's house in Italy, Verona resort.Juliet's house in Italy, Verona resort

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