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Graben in Austria, Vienna spa

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Graben is one of the most famous streets in the inner city of Vienna.   It starts from the Stock im Eisen square, passes through Stephansplatz and ends, dividing Tuchlauben and Kohlmarkt streets.

Graben means"moat" in Russian. In the past, this street was indeed a moat that surrounded the walls of the Roman camp. In the XIII century, the moat was covered with earth, and later a market square was formed here, where houses were located   rich townspeople and still quite wealthy people live here. Until the 1840s, the street really looked like an area bounded on all sides by residential areas. Gradually, residential buildings were dismantled, and by the 19th century Graben received access to the Stock im Eisen Platz.

Graben resembles an elongated square, which is decorated with two fountains - Leopold and Josef. The houses are numbered clockwise along the Graben perimeter for historical reasons. There is a plague column in the center of Graben. Not far from the column is the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, near which street musicians often perform.

The pedestrian zone on Graben Street was created in the 1970s. There are many cafes and shops on the street. Also walking along this famous street you can get acquainted with such sights as Haas House, Bartolotti Palace, Peterskirche (the oldest church in Vienna), Figaro house.  


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Topic: Graben in Austria, Vienna spa.Graben in Austria, Vienna spa

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