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Kaiserwerth Imperial Palace in Germany

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The Imperial Palace in Kaiserwerth, or rather its ruins, is located in the Kaiserwerth district, in the north of one of the largest German cities of Dusseldorf on the banks of the Rhine river. Despite the fact that the palace is only ruins that are unlikely to be restored, this place is under the official protection of the state. All thanks to the extremely rich history of the palace.

The building was first mentioned around 700, when it was built as   monastery. The location was chosen very well, because it was here that major roads converged at that time. Later, the castle became the property of kings, for example, Henry III the Black did a lot to improve the castle, although nothing has survived from those buildings to this day.

A new chapter in the life of the castle began in 1174, when Frederick I Barbarossa chose these places for the construction of a powerful fortress, the ruins of which we can see today. The fortress withstood several sieges, after which it fell under the attack of the Dutch Count Wilhelm II.

Throughout the XIII-XVII centuries, the castle was permanent passes from hand to hand. It was owned by the Dutch, the Duchies of Cleves and Julich-Berg, the archbishops of Cologne and Zalentien von Isenburg. During this time, the castle is destroyed, then burned, then restored many times.

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Topic: Kaiserwerth Imperial Palace in Germany.Kaiserwerth Imperial Palace in Germany

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