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Porciano Castle in Italy

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Porciano Castle is located in the municipality of Stia, in the Tuscany region of the province of Arezzo.

The castle was first mentioned in historical documents dating back to 1017, in which it appears as residence of Count Guido di Teudegrimo. In the 13th century, the castle belonged to Count Tegrimo. According to legend, the count, after the Battle of Campaldino, returned to Porciano in 1288, and plundered travelers and merchants who passed and drove past the castle. In 1291 the count was convicted and sentenced to a fine of 10 thousand gold florins.

In March 1349 Ludovico – a descendant of the count, took monastic vows and handed over the entire estate along with the castle to the government of Florence.

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Topic: Porciano Castle in Italy.Porciano Castle in Italy

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