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Alexanderplatz in Germany, Berlin resort

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Alexanderplatz – one of the most famous squares in Berlin. Three lines of the Berlin metro intersect on it, it is always crowded and noisy. The architecture of the buildings located on the square organically combines the past and the present.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was an ordinary market square here. Later, in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander I   she was given the name Alexanderplatz. It quickly became popular among the poor people of Berlin.

Since 1966, new buildings began to be built here, the size of the square itself was increased. A hotel, 123 meters high, a Teacher's House, a huge store and a television tower were built. It also houses the World Clock showing the time of most countries, and the Friendship of Nations fountain. Early buildings have also survived. Now it is planned to reconstruct the square and erect new high-rise buildings. Thus, the square will acquire a new look by 2019.


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Topic: Alexanderplatz in Germany, Berlin resort.Alexanderplatz in Germany, Berlin resort

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