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Fountain”Neptune” in Germany, Berlin resort

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Fountain 'Neptune' – fountain located in the center of Berlin, near the Red City Hall. One of the most beautiful fountains in Berlin.

Karl Friedrich Schinkel proposed to build a monumental fountain on Palace Square. This project was taken over by Reingold Begas, a young sculptor inspired by a trip to Italy. He created several versions, the last one was approved, in 1888. It was she who brought the sculptor worldwide fame. For some time the fountain bore the name of its author.

The fountain, inaugurated in November 1891, was donated by the Berlin magistrate to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

City the palace in front of which the fountain towered, was badly damaged during the Second World War and later demolished. The sculptures and decoration of the fountain also suffered, so it was sent for storage and restoration in 1951. After restoration work in the art casting workshop in Lauchgammer, 1969, the fountain was installed in a new location.

The fountain is a bowl on a foundation of three wide steps. The figure of the ancient sea god Neptune rises above the bowl. He holds his trident on his left shoulder. Children frolic around Neptune, and the god himself is held by four newts. The rest of the decoration elements of the fountain contain figures and images of various marine life: lobsters, crayfish, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and seals. Around a bowl, partly grotesque, there are four female figures. They represent the rivers of Germany:   Rhine, Vistula,

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Topic: Fountain”Neptune” in Germany, Berlin resort.Fountain”Neptune” in Germany, Berlin resort

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