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Admiralspalast in Germany, Berlin resort

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Admiralspalast – an architectural complex that has become a traditional place for cultural recreation of Berliners, included in the list of architectural monuments of Berlin.

In 1873, the Admiral's Garden Bath was built in the center of Berlin according to the project of Adolf Heiden and Walter Kielmann. Not long before that, an artesian salt spring had been drilled here. A few decades later, the bath was demolished, and in its place the construction of the Ice Palace began, designed by architects Alexander Diepenbrock and Heinrich Schweitzer. It was opened in 1911 and named Admiralspalast. The palace has become one of the most important places for city entertainment. Here recreation was combined with sports, swimming.

In addition to the front building, facing the street Friedrichstrasse, and several outbuildings, the complex includes an ice arena, baths, more than 900 halls, a bowling alley in the basement, a cafe, a restaurant and a cinema, in the attics – various bureaus that later became clubs. The baths were open around the clock. The ice arena hosted performances of ballet on ice. However, the concept changed after ten years. The ice arena after the reconstruction turned into a variety show.

After a series of reconstructions, the appearance of Admiralspalast also changed, changing several directions: Art Deco, Expressionism, imitation of classicism.

In 1941, with the next modernization of the theater, a special box was equipped for the Fuhrer. Since 1939, the Metropol Theater has been located in the Admiralspalast building. However, during the Second World War, in 1944, both theaters were closed.

After the war, the Admiralspalast remained practically intact, and the troupe of the Berlin Opera moved here.

The front building of the complex housed the Press House for a short time. In October 1953, the Distel political cabaret was opened, which was conceived as a powerful political anti-Western weapon. However, this idea turned into a satire against the leadership of the GDR.

In 1955, the Berlin Opera moved to a renovated building on Unter den Linden and the Metropol Theater returned to the Admiralspalast with performances of classical operettas and modern musicals.

In 1997, due to financial problems, Admiralspalast was closed. The problems were overcome only by 2005 with the help of the investor Falk Walter. The theater was opened in August 2006 with a production of B. Brecht's play The Threepenny Opera. In 2008, the collective of the famous clown and actor Slava Polunin performed here.

Today, the Admiralspalast complex includes: cabaret Distel, Admiralspalast theater, restaurant, bar, radio studios in Berlin and Brendenburg. But the financial difficulties have not yet been finally resolved.

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Topic: Admiralspalast in Germany, Berlin resort.Admiralspalast in Germany, Berlin resort

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