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Monsoreau Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Monsoro Castle – castle located in the Loire Valley and built in the medieval period.

The castle was built in 1455 by the senior adviser to King Charles VII, Jean de Chambs. It is located at the confluence of two rivers: Loire and Vienne. This determined its strategic importance. The fact that the castle is intended for military purposes can be seen from the peculiarities of the architecture. On the north side of the castle there is a special octagonal observation tower made of white sandstone, built in the Italian style of the 15th century. The castle was reconstructed during the Renaissance: a lot of fireplaces, two spiral staircases, spacious halls were completed; the walls were painted. At the beginning of this era, the castle took part in the bloody battles in Saumur.

Everyone knows the character, who was glorified by Alexander Dumas the father in the novel The Countess de Monsoreau, Charles de Chambs. The book tells the story of Charles, his wife Francoise and her lover, M. de Bussy d'Amboise. The events described in the novel are historically accurate.

In the middle of the 17th century and beyond for decades, the castle of Monsoro was in desolation. It was used as a trading warehouse. In 1862, the castle was included in the list of historical monuments in France. From 1923 to   1932 the restoration work started by the General Council of Maine and Loire continued.

Today the castle has 16 rooms. They have a permanent exhibition called Images of the Loire, which tells about life on the banks of the Loire, showing the traditional route of excursions to the castles of the Loire Valley. Viewers are shown images of the landscape of the valley, the play of light and music, the legends associated with the castle of Monsoro. There is also a museum of the Moroccan cavalry detachment, which contains weapons supplies, military attributes and regalia of this unit of the cavalry, which was founded by General Damad.

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Topic: Monsoreau Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Monsoreau Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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