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Yousset Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Yusse Castle – an ancient castle, standing in the Chinon forest, built on the site of an ancient settlement, as evidenced by the burials found in the vicinity. The ancient fortress of the medieval era has a fairly common quadrangular shape with towers at the corners. The fortress belonged to the heirs of Gilduen de Saumur.

In the 15th century, the king moved his court to Chinon, and the castle of Usse went to the daughter of Charles VII and Agnes Sorel – Jeanne. During her reign, several additional towers were added to the castle.

Yusset has seen several kings in his lifetime: he was the residence of Jean III de Buey, Jean IV, Jean V. The de Buey family introduced changes in exterior of the castle facades.   After the death of Charles VII, the de Buey family fell out of favor, Jean V joined the Catholic League party. In 1485, he gave the castle to the Espine family, wealthy Bretons, who redesigned the castle, just like its other owners. The wing obscuring the view of the valley has been removed; redesigned interiors; reduced ceiling height; a chapel was built in the park; built an Italian pavilion overlooking the garden and terraces. The royal chambers were also equipped, but no other king visited Yousse.

The revolution did not affect the castle, and after it it became the property of Claire de Quersen, Duchess of Duras, who organized there is a literary salon; then the castle became the property of the Countess La Roche Jacquelin and the de Blaca family, whose descendants are still the owners of the castle.

The estate is furnished with wonderful furniture, the royal chambers retain the look of the 18th century; on the ground floor there is a collection of weapons and tapestries of Flemish work, vases, an Italian triptych of the 15th century, majolica"Madonna and Child" by Luca della Robbia. All these valuable exhibits undoubtedly attract streams of visitors to the castle.

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Topic: Yousset Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Yousset Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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